“We are who we are, but why??”

One of the greatest arguments in society today revolves around how do people become who they are: via their biology or by the way they raised.  Well although their genetic makeup does wonders in creating the person, to me it is obvious that people are developed to who they are by the way they are nurtured.  Take for instance, identical twins who were separated at birth.  Usually they turn out very different, as they way they were raised, with very similar biologic makeups made them very different people.

Likewise, people are not born killers, criminals, geniuses, or idiots.  It is the way they are raised; the type of stimulus they receive.  Even more importantly, the events that have impacted their life and how they have responded to those events.  As I come to think about it, we are just as John Locke’s (the enlightened age philosopher) idea of tabula rasa or blank slate.  We are all waiting to be developed from the clean slate which we all are.

Finally, I think this should be put into action; parent’s need to take responsibility of raising good children.  Doctors need to stop prescribing ADHD or ADD drugs to every child who can’t pay attention sometimes, and real parenting should be the fix for this.  Video games need to be limited as well as computer and tv usage as well.  If we “unplug” our children, we will open them up to a far greater world than previously seen by them, and windows of opportunity will be there for these children to succeed in.  Thus, nurture not nature is what makes us who we actually are.

"Tabula Rasa?"




“Must-listen Music”

Most people are well acquainted with Kanye West.  Many are familiar with his songs “Stronger,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” and  “Flashing Lights.”  But most people do not realize the musical genius his whole 2007 album Graduation is.  From the artwork, to the song order, to the lyrics of every single track on this album, nothing is short of impressive.  Guest stars range from Lil Wayne to T-Pain and Jay-Z.  The tone goes from nostalgic, to up beat, to menacing, to finally chic and fantastic, and this duality is impressive. I’ve decided to grade each song, and give each one a quick synopsis.

  1. Good Morning- This song is the perfect intro to a perfect album.  It has a killer beat, and lyrics that tie the title of the album to the tracks inside of the whole.  Not much better ‘Ye could do to begin this masterpiece of his.  (6/7 starts)
  2. Champion- This song is a nice mix; features meaningful lyrics and a catchy tune.  Although it is a little repetitive, it is still memorable, and thus it earns: (5/7 stars)
  3. Stronger- The solo of this album; however there are still better tracks than this one.  Daft Punk would be proud my friends.  This song earns perfect scores (7/7)
  4. I Wonder- Similar to Champion, it is a little repetitive, but has a great beat and flows (5/7)
  5. Good Life- Another hit to this remarkable album.  T-Pain makes it good, and you can’t notice that I hate T-Pain either (6/7)
  6. Can’t Tell Me Nothing- My favorite song on this whole album, it is spooky, and quite fantastic.  The beat is amazing, the lyrics tremendous, and unforgettable. (7/7)
  7.  Barry Bonds-  Funny, and memorable song. A little corny, but Lil Wayne and his addition to it make it one of my favorites on the album as well (6/7)
  8. Drunk and Hot Girls- This song may be one of the few mediocre songs to the album, but the beat and Kanye’s accents in the song bring it up overall. (5/7)
  9. Flashing Lights- The chic-est song in the history of the world (7/7)
  10. Everything I Am- A song with a great message, and of course good music as well to it.  I personally love the song so it gets (6/7)
  11. The Glory- Another flowing song, it keeps the album as one of the best ever. (5/7)
  12. Homecoming- This story-in-a-song is one of the best ever.  It is rich with color and passion, and the song is fantastic (7/7)
  13. Big Brother- This song ends the regular album and tells of Jay-Z’s relationship with Kanye.  My 2nd favorite song on the album by far and is the most meaningful of all of the other songs (6.99/7)
  14. BONUS TRACK- Good Night- Matches Good Morning, but isn’t as good. Ends the bonus with a good ending though, so it gets a (5/7)
Overall, this album is historic and MUST be listened to from start to finish.  Just as his newest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is amazing, this is even better.  I’m excited to see Watch the Throne, his collaborative album with Jay-Z drop reportedly on July 4th. Hope is goes more HAM than H.A.M. did at the start of 2011.

"Everything I'm not made me everything I am."



“My day at the Zoo”

The Zoo was amazing.  A child’s dream, and a wonderful place for us young adults.  I was able to walk and chill; and there were plenty of misters to keep us cool.  Driving there was simple, as was driving home.  Tips: Try and get a culture pass at the library, as your get 2 tickets for only $9. Or bring a AAA card to save $2 per ticket with it as well!  Lastly, bring lots of water so you don’t have to buy it at the zoo; it gets very expensive there.

Today was marvelous, absolutely fantastic.  The giraffes were taller than expected, the elephants smellier, and the birds chirpier!  Nothing was bad at all, excepted the thought of over-priced snow cones and other snacks (which I purchased none).  We all had a blast today at the Phoenix Zoo, and Chipotle with Mark Mazzucco (after he awoke from his nap).  I met Chase and Allison today, and am even happier to be in LSP for even more reasons. Kelsey continued to make me laugh, and I know we shall be great friends throughout our futures!

A  few pictures for you all:

"The zoo crew"







“E:60 Greatness”

60 Minutes is good.  E:60 is even better.  ESPN unveiled this great show a few years back, and since then there have been countless great stories, both groundbreaking and motivational.  Watch this story and be amazed at a family and teams loyalty to one another.


"Ahhh Yeah"


“Dreaming of the Zoo”

Every child dreams of animals, of going to the zoo, of seeing their favorite animal.  I did once, when I was 7 or 8 years old.  My family was never very big into the zoo however; we were more of the baseball game type of cohort.  My one trip to the zoo, although fun, was not memorable enough nor fantastic enough to warrant a second trip to Phoenix’s Zoo.

As the years went on, I began to yearn and yearn to go to the zoo.  Never overtly, but always with the hope I could go soon, I started purchasing “animal with sunglasses” shirts. I purchased them never with the intention of going to the zoo, but because the fashion seemed cool to me.  But today, it seems like the shirts have served an alternate purpose.  My friends Kelsey and Chase decided to plan for a trip to the zoo, without too many of the details planned out themselves.  So, I stepped in, filled in the “blanks” and will be fortunate enough to go to the zoo tomorrow.

Now, you may think it is silly for ten 18 year old young adults to go to the zoo; I, however, disagree and am quite enthralled with this opportunity!  Tomorrow, I will wear my new shade hat, old giraffe t-shirt and lion ray-ban knock-off sunglasses.  Tomorrow, I will see the monkeys, feed the birds, and make friends with the sloth.  Tomorrow, I will take pictures with all the cool animals, and enjoy the day I have been waiting for many years to experience again.  This opportunity, provided by the insanely cool friends I have made through the Arizona State University Leadership Scholarship Program 2011 Cohort (represent!), will be memorable because of the times I will have with the people I am with.  Thanks again to all of you; you all know who you are.

So for now, I say adios.  I will be at the zoo tomorrow in the morning, and will photograph all of these memories.  But, I am fortunate to know that these won’t be the last.  I have another 4 years to share memories with my newest friends at ASU and the even newer friends I have yet to meet.






“Movie Suggestion for the night…”

Go onto Netflix.  Drive down to Blockbuster.  Get on your “On-Demand” program.  It’s time for a movie suggestion.  Now when people ask me what my all time favorite movie is, I tell them I don’t have one.  Which is sort of untrue.  I love many great movies, but Little Miss Sunshine has to be my favorite; the wit and humor combined with the depressing elements make this movie one of the top comedies of all time.  It is that, because for a major part, it isn’t even funny.

Life lessons: check.  Wit and humor: check.  Drama: check.  This movie has it all.  So, find this movie, grab some friends and watch it tonight. If you have never seen it, your eyes will be awoken, and if you have seen it, Little Miss Sunshine gets better the second time. I can guarantee it.  Well, actually, I cannot.  But I wish I could!

"I've got a pocket full of sunshine?"


“Review: TJ’s Pizza and Wings”

Located next to a 6 pump gas station and adjoined by a convenience store, TJ’s Pizza and Wings leaves no high expectations to any guest.  Written with window paint, the lunch special reads “2 slices of Pizza and a drink for $4.25” and after an added $.25 per topping, and the unusual $.50 per refill, it only cost me $5.50 for a filling lunch.  The pizza was not spectacular; however, it tasted fantastic and the slices were huge and extremely greasy. Nick Arnold and Marketta Kachemov blotted the pizza down…Seriously? But that isn’t all.

TJ’s Pizza and Wings featured 8 chintzy tables, and the pizza was served on metal trays.  It was a dive.  But it was so delicious and relatively cheap, and I plan to go back for many more occasions.  The 1980’s video games and lettered menu board just added to the essence of the place, and gave it “character” and some umph to it.  Lastly, the patrons of TJ’s Pizza and Wings were colorful; workers of auto-repair shops, average joe’s and hipsters alike all came to TJ’s.

My only advice: bring friends and come often.  Located at 56th Street and Bell, it is quite easy to access, and it is a quick and easy kitchen.  Food came fast and was very hot. Other than the charge for re-fills, the experience was near-perfect.  I give it 6 stars out of 7!


Lastly, they have Dr. Pepper in the soda machine.  Simply amazing. In a Pepsi machine!

"Greasy goodness"




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Almuerzo Fantastico?

Today, I will get to experience lunch at TJ’s Pizza, next to a gas station, thanks to my buddy Narnold, Marketta, and H-Vagz.  I will write a review of it after I try its food!



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I miss this. So much.  Cath-McNast, and mi familia.  Some of the greatest people ever.

"Mi familia de Espanol!"


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“Melting from the Heat”

As the wise Brian Muller once said, “LeBron (James) and the Heat dont always drink soda in the 4th quarter, but when they do, they prefer Choke-a-Cola” and this quote is fitting after game 5 of the NBA Finals.  Although James had a triple-double, the game just proved that Dallas can match up to the team.  After having a 5 point lead with 3 minutes left, they blew the game in grand fashion.  Let’s see if they can do what LA did last year and take games 6 and 7 at home to win the Championship!  We’ll just have to wait and find out!

But for now, enjoy this funny photograph!


"Official soft-drink of the Miami Heat"


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