“Re-living the early 2000’s”

Who didn’t love the start of this decade? We had crazy Presidential battles, the Y2K freak out, and of course, the rise to fame of the greatest game ever: Backyard Baseball (on the PC of course).  We played a computer game of an actual thing we could have been doing at the time, but instead, pretended to be Pablo Sanchez or speedy Pete Wheeler.  Backyard Baseball branched out of course; nobody could forget Backyard Football (with the introduction of Hall of Fame greats in there), and the forgettable basketball and MLS soccer.  But the point of this small rant is that I loved Backyard Baseball, and so did many other elementary schoolers in that time. However, the game faded away, as they became more gimmicky and we grew older.

However, a few weeks ago, I learned of the online game “Pinch Hitter 3” and while it is no Backyard Baseball, it is quite addicting, fun, and brings back great memories.  Although you only play as one player, the cheesy elements are all there, from team names to the parks where the games are played at.  The early 2000’s in my mind have been brought back by a simple and fun online game.  The only problem is, that I want more to come back from this decade.

The greatness of the 90’s and early 2000’s rested on the television and corny games that led the decade.  Nickelodeon and Disney were at their peak of creativity and excitement with the shows they broadcasted.  ABC Family wasn’t around to flood the televisions with mediocre and over-dramatic programming. ESPN lived in a simpler times, and baseball was far more popular in the world.  These pre-9/11 days were carefree (as we were all under the age of 8 or so) and fantastic.  But, the times have faded, and we are stuck with the garbage we have today as entertainment.

Although we cannot go back in time to relive the great memories we did have, we do have the capabilities to try to find new ways of achieving the same sort of pleasure we had as young children.  When we find that ability to have fun, society as a whole will be better off, and less of a cynical place to be.

"Pablo Sanchez; 3 foot superstar"




2 thoughts on ““Re-living the early 2000’s”

  1. Billy Nichols says:

    I still have backyard baseball ❤

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