“Inserting a little optimism into our everyday lives”

You turn on the news and hear of the destruction from the Joplin tornado and the ongoing Wallow Forest fire in Arizona.  You listen to the stories of the downfall of America, the problems in the Middle East, and the political turmoil around the world.  We focus on predictions for the end of the world, complaints of how bad things have been, and a wish to go back to simpler times of the past, we never actually experienced ourselves.  But rarely, do we focus on the positive side of our lives.  We have become so focused on what is wrong and that which we have no ability to affect in our lives.  But it is time to change the way we think; to insert a positive spin to the lives we have and should cherish.

Now I know we all enjoy certain aspects of our lives.  However, is it a healthy thing to countdown the days until school ends each year, hoping for it to come sooner? Is it healthy to countdown in dread of going back to school during our summer break? The answer is no; we need to focus on the here and now, and live each day to the fullest.  Although it is easier said than done, it is a major necessity for us to change the frame of mind in which we experience everyday.  Those who live their lives to the fullest get far more than those wishing for better times.

It is remarkable that research study after research study have shown that those who are optimistic live longer and healthier lives.  Those who smile, who have a cheery disposition, and who enjoy life are those who sometimes can prevent tendencies for diseases and relieve stress.  Likewise, it is incredible to see how we can respond to tragedy still with some optimism; those in Joplin are surviving and helping others survive.  Although these people have lost everything, they still have their optimism for better times to give to others.  Without this optimism, what do these people have? Absolutely nothing.

But this brings me to a great point: we need to bring this level of optimism, of hope, to our own lives.  When someone asks you how you are doing, don’t say fine; tell that person that you are doing amazing, fantastic, superb (because you are doing great…!!!)  Don’t criticize others, but rather find ways to improve yourself.  Just figure that nothing can go that wrong, and just live life the best that you can.

"Smile like you mean it"




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