“Republican Chaos”

Tonight begins the debates for the 2012 Presidential elections with a debate in New Hampshire.  It’s interesting to think about who will take the lead of a party with no figurehead, the Republican Party.  Although more liberal in my own political thought processes, I decided to break down the candidates in the debate so everyone has a “sneak preview” of who may be the candidate on next year’s ticket in the general election.

  1. Mitt Romney-  Right now, he’s the odds on favorite to win the nomination.  After a failed bid in 2008, the former Mass. Governor and Mormon rebooted himself for this upcoming election, but the question becomes: does his religion effect his chances at getting the nod for the GOP? Only time will tell.
  2. Michelle Bachman-  Well, all I think is that she is a tad bit nuts, and the Minnesota Governor would terrify me as President of the USA. She is a tea-partier, so lets hope she brings the mad-hatter
  3. Newt Gingrich-  He just lost most of his campaign staff, who think he wasn’t taking the running seriously enough for them.  He really doesn’t have the greatest shot unless he steps up his game at tonight’s debate.
  4. Ron Paul-  This Texas Congressman is right on the fringe of being not even in the Republican Party, but his economic and political mindedness keeps him as a viable yet fringe candidate.
  5. Tim Pawlenty- the former Minnesota Governor, so now he wants to be President.  I don’t know about that…
  6. Herman Cain- not a politician; he’s a black businessman, who really doesn’t have the chops to be president.  Although an Obama/Cain Presidential Race would be compelling
  7. Rick Santorum- The “uber-conservative” to say the least, he is one of my least favorite candidates in this race.  He’d bring the country socially back to the 1950’s in my opinion!

So, the moral of the story is the Republicans don’t have any true contender (minus Romney) to even have a fair chance at winning the general election.  It’ll be interesting to see how the 2012 election transpires

"Can we do it... no we can't?"




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