“We are who we are, but why??”

One of the greatest arguments in society today revolves around how do people become who they are: via their biology or by the way they raised.  Well although their genetic makeup does wonders in creating the person, to me it is obvious that people are developed to who they are by the way they are nurtured.  Take for instance, identical twins who were separated at birth.  Usually they turn out very different, as they way they were raised, with very similar biologic makeups made them very different people.

Likewise, people are not born killers, criminals, geniuses, or idiots.  It is the way they are raised; the type of stimulus they receive.  Even more importantly, the events that have impacted their life and how they have responded to those events.  As I come to think about it, we are just as John Locke’s (the enlightened age philosopher) idea of tabula rasa or blank slate.  We are all waiting to be developed from the clean slate which we all are.

Finally, I think this should be put into action; parent’s need to take responsibility of raising good children.  Doctors need to stop prescribing ADHD or ADD drugs to every child who can’t pay attention sometimes, and real parenting should be the fix for this.  Video games need to be limited as well as computer and tv usage as well.  If we “unplug” our children, we will open them up to a far greater world than previously seen by them, and windows of opportunity will be there for these children to succeed in.  Thus, nurture not nature is what makes us who we actually are.

"Tabula Rasa?"



3 thoughts on ““We are who we are, but why??”

  1. Adam Nowak says:

    Oh Bennett, you disappoint me with this one. As a student of psychology you should know that neither nature nor nurture has a stronger influence on the development of people in general. Yes, some identical twins raised apart had different personalities, but some also had very similar traits! (We know this bit thanks to the Nazi’s). Some people do in fact rely more on one than the other but for the majority, it’s a 50-50 (or close to) situation.

  2. I know…. but to me its nurture. Just my opinion though!

  3. Adam Nowak says:

    You can’t just ignore the facts!

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