“My day at the Zoo”

The Zoo was amazing.  A child’s dream, and a wonderful place for us young adults.  I was able to walk and chill; and there were plenty of misters to keep us cool.  Driving there was simple, as was driving home.  Tips: Try and get a culture pass at the library, as your get 2 tickets for only $9. Or bring a AAA card to save $2 per ticket with it as well!  Lastly, bring lots of water so you don’t have to buy it at the zoo; it gets very expensive there.

Today was marvelous, absolutely fantastic.  The giraffes were taller than expected, the elephants smellier, and the birds chirpier!  Nothing was bad at all, excepted the thought of over-priced snow cones and other snacks (which I purchased none).  We all had a blast today at the Phoenix Zoo, and Chipotle with Mark Mazzucco (after he awoke from his nap).  I met Chase and Allison today, and am even happier to be in LSP for even more reasons. Kelsey continued to make me laugh, and I know we shall be great friends throughout our futures!

A  few pictures for you all:

"The zoo crew"








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