“Must-listen Music”

Most people are well acquainted with Kanye West.  Many are familiar with his songs “Stronger,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” and  “Flashing Lights.”  But most people do not realize the musical genius his whole 2007 album Graduation is.  From the artwork, to the song order, to the lyrics of every single track on this album, nothing is short of impressive.  Guest stars range from Lil Wayne to T-Pain and Jay-Z.  The tone goes from nostalgic, to up beat, to menacing, to finally chic and fantastic, and this duality is impressive. I’ve decided to grade each song, and give each one a quick synopsis.

  1. Good Morning- This song is the perfect intro to a perfect album.  It has a killer beat, and lyrics that tie the title of the album to the tracks inside of the whole.  Not much better ‘Ye could do to begin this masterpiece of his.  (6/7 starts)
  2. Champion- This song is a nice mix; features meaningful lyrics and a catchy tune.  Although it is a little repetitive, it is still memorable, and thus it earns: (5/7 stars)
  3. Stronger- The solo of this album; however there are still better tracks than this one.  Daft Punk would be proud my friends.  This song earns perfect scores (7/7)
  4. I Wonder- Similar to Champion, it is a little repetitive, but has a great beat and flows (5/7)
  5. Good Life- Another hit to this remarkable album.  T-Pain makes it good, and you can’t notice that I hate T-Pain either (6/7)
  6. Can’t Tell Me Nothing- My favorite song on this whole album, it is spooky, and quite fantastic.  The beat is amazing, the lyrics tremendous, and unforgettable. (7/7)
  7.  Barry Bonds-  Funny, and memorable song. A little corny, but Lil Wayne and his addition to it make it one of my favorites on the album as well (6/7)
  8. Drunk and Hot Girls- This song may be one of the few mediocre songs to the album, but the beat and Kanye’s accents in the song bring it up overall. (5/7)
  9. Flashing Lights- The chic-est song in the history of the world (7/7)
  10. Everything I Am- A song with a great message, and of course good music as well to it.  I personally love the song so it gets (6/7)
  11. The Glory- Another flowing song, it keeps the album as one of the best ever. (5/7)
  12. Homecoming- This story-in-a-song is one of the best ever.  It is rich with color and passion, and the song is fantastic (7/7)
  13. Big Brother- This song ends the regular album and tells of Jay-Z’s relationship with Kanye.  My 2nd favorite song on the album by far and is the most meaningful of all of the other songs (6.99/7)
  14. BONUS TRACK- Good Night- Matches Good Morning, but isn’t as good. Ends the bonus with a good ending though, so it gets a (5/7)
Overall, this album is historic and MUST be listened to from start to finish.  Just as his newest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is amazing, this is even better.  I’m excited to see Watch the Throne, his collaborative album with Jay-Z drop reportedly on July 4th. Hope is goes more HAM than H.A.M. did at the start of 2011.

"Everything I'm not made me everything I am."



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