“Review: TJ’s Pizza and Wings”

Located next to a 6 pump gas station and adjoined by a convenience store, TJ’s Pizza and Wings leaves no high expectations to any guest.  Written with window paint, the lunch special reads “2 slices of Pizza and a drink for $4.25” and after an added $.25 per topping, and the unusual $.50 per refill, it only cost me $5.50 for a filling lunch.  The pizza was not spectacular; however, it tasted fantastic and the slices were huge and extremely greasy. Nick Arnold and Marketta Kachemov blotted the pizza down…Seriously? But that isn’t all.

TJ’s Pizza and Wings featured 8 chintzy tables, and the pizza was served on metal trays.  It was a dive.  But it was so delicious and relatively cheap, and I plan to go back for many more occasions.  The 1980’s video games and lettered menu board just added to the essence of the place, and gave it “character” and some umph to it.  Lastly, the patrons of TJ’s Pizza and Wings were colorful; workers of auto-repair shops, average joe’s and hipsters alike all came to TJ’s.

My only advice: bring friends and come often.  Located at 56th Street and Bell, it is quite easy to access, and it is a quick and easy kitchen.  Food came fast and was very hot. Other than the charge for re-fills, the experience was near-perfect.  I give it 6 stars out of 7!


Lastly, they have Dr. Pepper in the soda machine.  Simply amazing. In a Pepsi machine!

"Greasy goodness"




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2 thoughts on ““Review: TJ’s Pizza and Wings”

  1. Narnold says:

    Really? Seven stars? And Marketta says don’t judge us for blotting our pizza.

  2. Yes, 7 stars is a good system. My blog, my rules.

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