“Movie Suggestion for the night…”

Go onto Netflix.  Drive down to Blockbuster.  Get on your “On-Demand” program.  It’s time for a movie suggestion.  Now when people ask me what my all time favorite movie is, I tell them I don’t have one.  Which is sort of untrue.  I love many great movies, but Little Miss Sunshine has to be my favorite; the wit and humor combined with the depressing elements make this movie one of the top comedies of all time.  It is that, because for a major part, it isn’t even funny.

Life lessons: check.  Wit and humor: check.  Drama: check.  This movie has it all.  So, find this movie, grab some friends and watch it tonight. If you have never seen it, your eyes will be awoken, and if you have seen it, Little Miss Sunshine gets better the second time. I can guarantee it.  Well, actually, I cannot.  But I wish I could!

"I've got a pocket full of sunshine?"



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