“Dreaming of the Zoo”

Every child dreams of animals, of going to the zoo, of seeing their favorite animal.  I did once, when I was 7 or 8 years old.  My family was never very big into the zoo however; we were more of the baseball game type of cohort.  My one trip to the zoo, although fun, was not memorable enough nor fantastic enough to warrant a second trip to Phoenix’s Zoo.

As the years went on, I began to yearn and yearn to go to the zoo.  Never overtly, but always with the hope I could go soon, I started purchasing “animal with sunglasses” shirts. I purchased them never with the intention of going to the zoo, but because the fashion seemed cool to me.  But today, it seems like the shirts have served an alternate purpose.  My friends Kelsey and Chase decided to plan for a trip to the zoo, without too many of the details planned out themselves.  So, I stepped in, filled in the “blanks” and will be fortunate enough to go to the zoo tomorrow.

Now, you may think it is silly for ten 18 year old young adults to go to the zoo; I, however, disagree and am quite enthralled with this opportunity!  Tomorrow, I will wear my new shade hat, old giraffe t-shirt and lion ray-ban knock-off sunglasses.  Tomorrow, I will see the monkeys, feed the birds, and make friends with the sloth.  Tomorrow, I will take pictures with all the cool animals, and enjoy the day I have been waiting for many years to experience again.  This opportunity, provided by the insanely cool friends I have made through the Arizona State University Leadership Scholarship Program 2011 Cohort (represent!), will be memorable because of the times I will have with the people I am with.  Thanks again to all of you; you all know who you are.

So for now, I say adios.  I will be at the zoo tomorrow in the morning, and will photograph all of these memories.  But, I am fortunate to know that these won’t be the last.  I have another 4 years to share memories with my newest friends at ASU and the even newer friends I have yet to meet.







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