“I’m the corn-dog guy now…”

On my way to PVCC everyday, I pass 1 shopping center, 8 signals, and 3 gas stations.  I have become accustomed to picking up a $.99 corn-dog and a soda pop on my way to Psych 101.  Well today, I got an egg sandwich at Einstein’s Bagels, which was my reputation at Pinnacle High School.  Nevertheless, as I arrived today at PVCC, I began to get asked where the heck was my corn-dog, and people were dismayed and confused by this sudden change in dietary planning.

This, however, brings up a fundamental principle about reputations.  I became the corn-dog guy, by just random luck.  Why did people now associate me to corn-dogs, and was this a good or bad thing?  Obviously, it was a positive thing, as even my professor asked why I didn’t have a corn-dog.  My classmates associated me to a positive thing, remembering me as a nice guy, who loved his gas station corn dogs.  Just as we remembered John for his Starbucks iced coffee cup.

The moral to this story is not as simple as it may seem.  Yes, it is good to be known as the corn-dog guy, but be known as more than that as well.  At least be known as the corn-dog guy who participates in class, and enjoys Dr. Pepper as well, and is a bit intelligent.  You may leave the class after it ends, but the class never leaves you. Just think about that for a moment!  It really sticks that your reputation follows you wherever you go, so protect it as well as possible!

"Mmmm, gas station corn-dogs"


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