“Good luck Bob”

The Diamondbacks backed into Bob Melvin as a manager; their second choice after Wally Backman self destructed himself following his hiring as manager of the Diamondbacks.  Forced to live in the shadow of Bob Brenly, Melvin never truly gained the support of the fan base and ownership.  He had significant accomplishments, and even led the new “D-backs” to a 2007 NL West Championship.  But as the Diamondbacks began to falter, he was discarded by the team, just as he had by Seattle.

But today, it is a good day for Bob Melvin.  Oakland fired their previous manager, Bob Geren, a mediocre manager of a mediocre team for many years.  Bob Melvin will get his time to shine, his time to lead, and a chance to prove he is a good manager to all of those who had no faith in him.  To me, his firing from the Diamondbacks and replacement by A.J. Hinch (who the Diamondbacks would do the same to a year afterwards) should be plenty of motivation for his success in Oakland.

Sometimes, un-interesting people are those best for the job.  Melvin was no Kirk Gibson, but he had mild success in Arizona.  As the Diamondbacks reemerge as a successful team in the NL, it is important to remember that as hard as success was to return, it is thousands of times easier to be bad, and fall back to the bottom of the division.  For all the credit Gibson gets at this moment, we need to associate even more to Buck, Bob Brenly, and Bob Melvin.  Gibson will learn that problems in his team will lead to his dismissal, just like his predecessors.

So, as of now, Bob Melvin has another gig, and I wish him the best.  He was a good man for Arizona, and I hope true and loyal Diamondbacks fans root for him to have success in Oakland.  Hopefully, Melvin can end the A’s 9 game losing streak and start on a winning note.  But no matter what, we all know he will do his best, no matter how un-exciting it is.

"Who doesn't love a Bob?"



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