Shout-out time!!!

"We did it!"

Here’s to a few peeps, who’ve done something worth mentioning on here recently!

  1. Billy Nichols- He made a kickin’ mix CD just for me, and hand delivered it! Classy swag this kid has.
  2. Sammi J. Saunders- She made some very nice wall videos.  She does them directly from her bathroom. Meow.
  3. Lindsey Paige Stegmoller/Connor Caniglia- They are at to Girls/Boys State, and I hope they are kicking asses now.
  4. Saira Khan- She really likes my cool new hats, yet we still need to Skype today!
  5. Haley Vago/Nick Arnold/Marketta Kachemov- I believe we are doing lunch tomorrow.
So now everybody wants to know what the reward is for getting a shout-out on this blog. Well, other than the intrinsic award of knowing you are special, you all get a priceless certificate…… woohoo!  These 8 kidz are pretty cool
If you’d like a shout-out, do something cool or generous to me.  I am looking for more summer cd’s/mixtapes, so thank you in advance.  Now, keep staying classy my friends!!!

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