“My life at PVCC this summer…”

So, as I previously have told everyone, I decided to take a class at PVCC this summer (PSYCH101) and it I do enjoy it very much.  However, life on that campus reminds me a lot of the NBC Comedy “Community” for some of the ridiculous rules and regulations.  Today, the PVCC “Dept. of Public Safety” or like their school security gave me a warning that I parked in the wrong direction. This is one of those moments that make me go, “Seriously?”

Who doesn’t believe that the Dept. of Public Safety is a joke? Like really, do we need people riding around on golf-carts, putting pink pieces of paper on people’s car because they pulled through spots? How is that even dangerous.  To me, it would seem to be safer; no chances to back into someone else’s car.  But oh well, this is the great community college protection my $273 went towards for my 3 credit hour course.

But, I do seriously recommend to everyone to watch NBC’s Community.  It is hilarious, over-the-top, but almost practically pin-points the vibe around the PVCC and all community college campus feel I have gained in my 5 days on campus so far.

"Just like PVCC..."

In other news, 66 days until I move out to Tempe and head off to ASU!!!!



One thought on ““My life at PVCC this summer…”

  1. Mikaelah says:

    Hahahahhaaha oh bennett. This is incredibly hilarious. I only wish you are as awesome as the people in the community. That’s a lot to live up to though! Also you could make a spanish rap like them?! I’m not sure if you’ve seen that one…

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