“The beauty of spelling”

Yes. I did it. I finally did it.  It only took about three weeks.  We both tried really hard, but I just won. Yes, I beat B-frank, the greatest math teacher alive, at Words With Friends (and I have proof).  That’s the beauty of the technology today; we have the capability to play scrabble like games against former teachers for free.  Who doesn’t love the world we live in, especially that fact.  But with that, comes the nuances of what is appropriate in this world. The ultimate question lives with the Facebook dilemma: to be FB friends with your teachers.  The answer is simple; yeah do what you would like; just always be careful in what you do!

My advice to students: just wait until graduation. Then the fun begins.  But for you eager beavers, if you do become FB friends before, just don’t like every status that your teacher posts…. it is creepy.

To teachers: don’t add students of the opposite sex until afterwards, just to be safe. You barely have any job security; don’t make it easier to lose your job.

Well, any way, I’d like to gloat in this victory versus Mr. Frank…. He wins in math, I win in WWF. Simple enough. If you’d like to play me at WWF, my username is “the dwoshingmachine” and just please start up a game.  I’ll do my best to destroy you, and I usually win, except against the state champ, Cassie Beckwith!



"Better luck next time B-Frank..."


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