My beef with the NCAA

So today, the NCAA stripped USC of its 2004 NCAA football championship victory and title because Reggie Bush “received improper benefits” and thus was ineligible.  Although I despise USC and all of their ishhhh, I can’t help but still be angry over this whole scenario.  I don’t give a rats ass that Reggie Bush received benefits; it doesn’t change the fact that he was the best player in all of college football and they were the best team.  This is a dangerous precedent to set as well; if we change history here, who is to say they won’t change other “facts” from today.  The solution is simple, keep the history, and just mark that they violated a few rules.

However, all of the turmoil over the benefits brings that issue up in my books.  Why can’t these players gain things for their services.  The whole NCAA regulations interfere with players abilities to help themselves financially and is against all that capitalism is all about.  Don’t be the moral police, be a force that promotes and helps college sports.  There is a need for the NCAA to change how it runs itself, as its fans are no longer happy with how it is run.

Lastly, this brings me to the Ohio State problems from right now.  Jim Tressel is a good football coach, and his players sold their own memorabilia and goods.  I do not think that the “violations” should have cost him his job.  Just apologize, and we could have all forgiven and forgotten.  Do not be so closed minded as to think that Urban Meyer and his Florida Gators never broke any rules, just think about that.

"Ya, I took some benefits. Who cares?"




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