“Bringing Sexy Back?”

So, to go along with my cool new “multi-purpose hat” (or the fedora as Samantha Jo Saunders calls it), I purchased a righteous and large shade hat, similar to the one Alan wore in The Hangover Part Two.  The point of this brings up a great question: can un-stylish things, like the atrocious hat, become stylish if worn in a semi-goofy manner.  The answer is yes.  This theory will be tested thoroughly at the zoo this Saturday, as the 2011 ASU LSP cohort takes over.

This brought me to thinking of what else is unstylish, that I should try to bring back into style. Of course, most people would be frightened if I rocked a man-kini, but lets see…. how does hawaiian shirts sound? Oh yaaaaa! I’m bringing back the cool to this society.

However, the first two suggestions submitted to me, I will rock out for everyone to see; it will definitely start some nice trends in our society!

"Yes, I have that style hat, but I need that same shirt!!!"

In the words of Samantha Jo Saunders, “Meow.”



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