Summer “to-do list”

Most people actually go places during their summer vacation.  I, however, have no scheduled trips and will be in the Arizona heat all summer long.  That is actually a good thing in my opinion;  I usually despise vacations– nobody is forced to have fun and does have fun at the same time. AND I hate being waited upon at hotels and meal places for more than a days. It’s annoying.

So, I’ll create a summer to-do list. Here we go:

  • Make a full day of meals for my family
  • Post on this blog 1-2 times a day
  • Keep Kendra (my beautiful car) clean
  • Have an accurate countdown to moving out (71 days right now)
  • See 6 movies in theaters, and write about them afterwards
  • Give a gift to a random stranger
  • Go to 5 Diamondbacks games, and watch 25 full games on TV from start to finish
  • Hang out at the Zoo, and buy a funny looking hat there
  • Control my spending to less than $15 dollars a week
  • Work 20 hours a week
  • Make 5 new friends
  • Text less than 3000 times a month
  • Stay off of Facebook for a whole week (that will not happen, but I can try)
  • Learn how to “Dougie”, and then teach someone how to
  • Take 1000 photos
  • Practice my spanish a few hours every week
  • Write letters to friends and mail it to them
  • Make 3 CD’s for Shannon Lillis
  • Learn and utilize 20 new words
  • Read 10 classic/famous books
  • Begin writing a book with Aaron Braude
  • Make cool t-shirts with Megan Schmoker
  • Volunteer somewhere
  • Write a rap
  • Buy a DVD player
  • Finish the 6th Season of LOST
  • Delete people I do not talk to on Facebook
  • Bake a cake
  • Go out to lunch with as many people as possible
  • Create memories that will last a long time
If anyone has any good suggestions, or wants to join in on the fun, just tell me! I’ll keep adding to the list as I think of more things to do!!!




3 thoughts on “Summer “to-do list”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Le’s meet up for an Indian’s game. I won’t be able to go with my co-workers since it’s a weekday series and most of them work until midnight. Also…I missed them the last time they were in Phx and I need a redo. Sound good?

    more notes to add to your list: hang out with my sister 3 times and help her move into her place for the fall

  2. Olivia says:

    you do still owe me a rap…love you.

  3. Jennifer says:

    another thought. You should create and plan a flash mob like the one i was in today. Check it out:

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