“Do you feel it?”

Over the summer, I decided it would be wise to take Psych101 at PVCC before going to ASU (to cut down the amount of credits I would have to take in my first semester–but that is a different story). Well, it is actually quite interesting for a summer class, but the reason I am discussing it is because of a topic of conversation we had during class last week.

It is really interesting to think about losing one of our five main senses: sight, touch, taste, smell, or hearing.  If we had to choose, most people in my class said that they would give up their taste of smell.  That’s all fine and dandy, until you realize that it screws up your taste as well.  As a sandwich enthusiast, that was not happening to me.  So that eliminates giving up smell or taste.  Not one person said they would give up their sense of sight, which makes a lot of sense to me.  People in our society are so dependent on what they see; likewise, they pass early judgements with sight, and would not be able to live normal lives without it.

So, that left us with the choice of touch or hearing.  Personally, touch may be the most important. If you cannot use touch, than what can you possibly do, as all of the other 4 senses lead to the sense of touch.  Therefore, I guess I would give up my sense of hearing, and therefore lose my ability to speak well, as well.  This would be terrible for a blabbermouth like me, but I guess I would have to live with it I guess.  Sign language would compensate for that dearth of language in the world.

I am very curious to see what others would say about losing one of their five senses, and which one they would choose to lose.  Oh well, the whole idea is very hypothetical, and I would actually prefer to keep all 5 senses.


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